Welcome to OSHAfrica reporting page. This page has been designed for both Incident and Accident reporting for all registered members of OSHAfrica and issues that are expected to be reported here are incidence and accidents that happened anywhere within African continent.

This is one of the ways we want to gradually build data traceable to cities and countries across Africa, we also understand this may not give totality of the incidence across Africa but it gives us room to record verifiable information that we can translate in to data on the long run.

The website may not allow you report an incident if you are not registered user of this site, you must have to first be a registered member in this site before you can report an incident. You cannot proceed to registration page without the system asking you to sign in with your log in details to access an incidence reporting form. With this, we are able to contact anyone who reported an issue should we need more information about that very incident. The reporting form also provides a space for a reporter to insert available links if any, if the incident has been reported or documented anywhere else.

It is also important to note that if any column is left unfilled in the reporting form, you may not be able to submit the reporting form until you have provided information required in that column.

Kindly click here to access the incidence/accident reporting form.