One of principal functions of OSHAfrica is to bring together all Occupational Safety and Health Professionals across Africa under one body with the overall aim of creating opportunities for collaborative work and data sharing. We strongly feel this will put to an end the existing practice of members working in silos with outcomes never published or made known to the world hence the claim that “Africa has no data”.

For the rest of 2018, African Occupational Safety and Health professionals practicing in Africa or in diaspora are expected to register to be part of OSHAfrica at NO COST. This opportunity is to populate membership and profile the number of Occupational Safety and Health professionals and specialised fields in African Occupational Safety and Health ecosystem. This will also give a window of opportunity for members to know how OSHAfrica functions and the inherent benefits available to members and the African continent.

From 2019, OSHAfrica will become a paid membership subscription based professional body whose primary interest will be towards registered members first in all her actions and programs. It will be a triennial membership subscription whose validity terminates at the General Assembly Meeting of OSHAfrica International Conference which comes up every three years.

Membership categories and fee shall be discussed further and published very soon. However, we will have Individual and Corporate Memberships, National Memberships is something we are still considering.

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